Forex Auto Trading – Pros And Cons

More than 6 trillion dollars are traded every day through forex trading! The power of the internet is what has suddenly made this multi-billion dollar industry so popular. As more people learn about it and strive to become the millionaires, it undoubtedly will grow more in the coming years. But success in the market is not a card game. You need to be a smart trader. And a smart trader should know how to automate monotonous tasks. What better way to do that than automated trading?

What Is Forex Auto Trading?

Forex autotrading is a colloquial term for automated trading on the foreign exchange market, in which trades are carried out by a computer system in accordance with a trading strategy that is implemented as a programme that is run by the computer system. The trading strategy is made up of a set of requirements and is typically programme. The criteria used in an automated trading strategy are primarily based on technical analysis.

There are two categories of automated foreign exchange trading, which include:

Fully Automated

A system that is entirely automated, also referred to as robotic forex trading. This method typically falls under the category of “trading machines”, which carry out orders in accordance with predetermined algorithms determined by their creator. The creator of the automatic trading script automatically initiates the order after deciding on the order’s timing, price, and quantity. Users have no other control over the trading script other than the ability to alter the technical parameters of the programme (such as the lot size, risk parameters, stop-losses, and take profits).

Semi Automated

Semi-automated trading is when a computer program helps traders make decisions, but humans have the final say. The program analyzes data and suggests trades, but traders can review and choose whether to execute them. It combines technology with human judgment to assist in the trading process.

Pros of Automated Forex Trading

1. You won’t have to spend the entire day staring at your computer’s screen to sell or buy foreign exchange. The forex autopilot that manages forex auto trading has the ability to watch the trading and make the predetermined purchases.

2. It can function across multiple platforms because it is compatible with forex pairs.

3. It is easy enough to use for the majority of users, including those using a straightforward spreadsheet. Simple language is used to post the results.

4. Because you also go about your other responsibilities, you are able to make the most of your time. As a result, you are able to manage multiple accounts while working a second full-time job.

5. Unlike many programs, which you must first confirm are compatible with Windows or Mac, forex auto trading software is cross-platform.

6. The forex auto trading software is dependable and easy to use. This has the benefit of being simple to use.

Cons Of Automated Forex Trading

1. A few users have complained that forex autopilot is difficult to install, despite the fact that sales agents always provide a manual.

2. The Metatrader4 platform is frequently chosen for use with the forex autopilot software. This may be restrictive if there aren’t enough support services available. But the platform is the most well-liked because it works. For brand-new users, it is a good platform as well.

3. Learning how to use this software can be time-consuming. Of course, a lot of other factors will also play a role in this, like how interested you are in computers and programming and your understanding in mathematics.


A human trader cannot handle as many trades per market as an automated trading environment can, and it can replicate its actions across various markets and time frames. An automated system is also immune to the emotional fluctuations that human traders are susceptible to.